Cavarola & Fettuccelle

Feb 13
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

#615259 Cavarola BoardStracnar Squares are a traditional pasta from the Puglia region of Italy. They’re formed by rolling a sheet of dough onto a carved wooden board called Cavarola. The pasta sheet is imprinted with the design from the board, then the pasta is cut into 2 inch squares.

This Saturday, Nadia will be demonstrating how to make dough by hand and to use a pasta maker to sheet out dough. She’ll be making these special pastas with our exclusive Cavarola board. The double sided board is engraved with two unique designs, so you can choose which you like best, or make a variety of both. Nadia will also be using the Fante’s Fettucelle Pin in conjunction with the cavarola board to create beautiful textured fettucelle.

Stop by for what’s bound to be an exciting and informative afternoon!

#613211 - Fante's Cousin Arturo's Fettucelle Pasta Pin


Feb 20
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

Do you love to drink lattes and cafes au lait, but hate to keep spending money at coffee shops on drinks? Froth milk at home and enjoy those drinks in the comfort of your PJs!

Brian will be demonstrating the Aerolatte Compact Heat and Froth Machine to show you how easy it can be to froth milk at home. Simply plug it in, fill with milk, and turn it on! Easy to use and to clean with fantastic results.

8170 Aerolatte Electric Frother

Colomba di Pasqua

Feb 27
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

Colomba PasqualeColomba Di Pasqua is a traditional Italian Easter bread, sweet and baked into the shape of a dove to symbolize peace. It is to Easter what Panettone is to Christmas. While the origin of this tradition is unknown, it is traditionally credited to the end of military conflicts in either the city of Pavia in 750 A.D., or the city of Milan in 1176.

#614300 - Colomba Large Easter Dove Bake and Serve PanNeomie will bake the Colomba Di Pasqua in a paper mold – much easier to give as a hostess gift on Easter – and she will have samples to taste. Come and share this Italian Easter tradition with us and take home a recipe to enjoy for yourself later!

Colomba Pasquale Image from Wikimedia

Ferment Your Veggies with Author Amanda Feifer

Mar 5
Author Event
11am – 3pm

Amanda Feifer - Ferment Your VegetablesFermented vegetables are a great, healthy addition to anyone’s diet. Abundant in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and more, research continues to reveal the many ways that these foods positively contribute to our well-being.

From kimchi and sauerkraut to pickles and kvass, fermented foods have been part of the human diet for millennia – and are rightfully reclaiming their place at our daily table.

The idea of fermenting vegetables at home can be intimidating for those who have never tried it before. The truth is, it’s quite easy once you learn just a few basic concepts. In Ferment Your Vegetables, author Amanda Feifer, fermentation expert and founder of, serves as your guide, showing you, step by step, how you can create traditional, delicious fermented food at home, using only simple ingredients and a little time. No fancy starters or elaborate equipment required.

Photo from Amanda Feifer's Ferment Your VegetablesThis Saturday, meet the author and our neighbor, Amanda Feifer! She’ll be here from 11-3, talking about how to ferment your own food at home, and will have samples from her recipes for you to taste.

Pastry Bags

Mar 12
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

Fat Daddio's Silicone Pastry BagsPastry bags are an indispensable tool in the kitchen, and there are many different types and styles to choose from. Come and demystify the pastry bag with Neomie, who will be demonstrating and discussing different types of bags from plastic coated canvas to polyurethane to professional bags and all styles in-between and teaching you some basic techniques to elevate your food preparation and presentation.

Pastry bags are most commonly thought of for decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies with icing, but they are used for much more than that! You can use them to fill hors d’oeuvres, such as deviled eggs or a filled celery stalk bite, to pipe butter cookies in place of a cookie press (especially for Nonna’s traditional almond macaroons), filling strawberries with cream or to beautifully plate sides on a dinner plate (like a mashed potato). The possibilities are endless!

Pastry Bag Demo


2 Comments on “Events”

  1. Antoinette Baldorossi Czajkowski says:

    My Grandmother (from Perugia) always made a bread that was woven with colored, hardboiled eggs. Some were large often shaped into baskets usually given to families. Others were small ribbon-shaped for children.

    • Hi, Antoinette! Thank you for your note. Our family does Easter Bread as well. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog entry on traditional Italian Easter Bread as we get closer to the holiday. Kind regards, Liana

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