Italian Peach Cakes

Italian Peach CakeItalian Peach Cakes are light and sweet desserts reserved for special occasions. They present beautifully and are fairly easy to bake and construct, if you have the right tools. The cake and custard are simple and flavored with Peach Brandy.

Our Fante’s recipe was developed by Jeanne Fante. In this post, we included a different method of decorating that involves a little less work and a little more liqueur! “Decorating” the peach cakes is done with Alkermes liqueur, granulated sugar and a peach leaf. You, too, can make beautiful and delicious peach cakes to impress guests at your next special event!

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Melissa’s Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

MelissaVegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes that are just as good as the “real” thing! Some people are afraid of trying to bake vegan or just don’t know where to begin. Melissa's Vegan CupcakeWell, with this simple recipe you’ll be a vegan baker in no time. I have been vegan for four years and this is a tried and true recipe that I always go to when baking chocolate cupcakes. The hardest part is trying not to eat them all in one sitting!

The chocolate cupcakes are moist and dense and topped with a fluffy Fante’s Hazelnut flavored icing which adds a burst of extra flavor to the palate. These cupcakes also pair well with coffee, so pull out some soy creamer and have yourself a vegan cupcake party!
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Stephanie’s Red Velvet Caramels

Stephanie's PickFeaturing Fante’s Red Velvet Natural Flavor Blend, with its rich chocolate flavor and deep red color. This water soluble flavor can be used for wonderful results in baking, beverages or ice cream.

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Vanessa’s New York Style Vanilla Chai Cheesecake

Staff Baker Vanessa BurrellYou’ll love the way the clove flavor in the crust accents the warm spices of Fante’s Natural Chai Extract, in this fluffy cheesecake.

For an added kick, our Nielsen Massey Mexican Vanilla pairs really well with the other flavors.

This recipe is one I’ve had for awhile and I adapted it to incorporate the Chai Extract and Clove. I use the 9″ tin Kaiser springform pan; it’s an excellent heat conductor, so it heats quickly without giving the top of my cheesecake time to brown.

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Upside Down Plum Cakes

This recipe features Pure Ginger Extract, from Fante’s Natural Flavors Brand. Made with only pure ginger oil, alcohol and water, it has a clean, fresh, ginger root flavor. Staff Baker Vanessa BurrellCan be used for baking, syrups, beverages and ice cream. One teaspoon is sufficient to flavor your typical cake or cookie recipe. Try adding it to iced tea, beer and cranberry juice.

Our talented staff baker Vanessa used our natural Ginger Extract to create this flavorful recipe.

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Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera CollectionIf you’ve never handled a Kyocera Ceramic Knife, you don’t know what you’re missing. When it comes to effortlessly slicing fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats, ceramic knives are in a class of their own. Of course, for most home cooks, a ceramic knife will not replace your tried and true steel chef’s knife and paring knife for some tasks, but they sure do make an excellent addition to your collection.

Kyocera‘s ceramic knives are made from a high-tech ceramic recipe called zirconium oxide. What makes Kyocera stand out from other ceramic knives is the super-fineness of the processed raw materials and the amount of compression and heat that sinters them into an extremely dense final product. So you get knives take a finer edge and are much more chip resistant than the competition.

Kyocera also produces mandolin slicers and vegetable peelers with the same high quality ceramic blade. We recommend these products time and time again to our customers who desire great quality tools that are both functional and easy to use.

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Meet Tony Luke

Tony Luke at Fante's

Tony Luke Jr

Philadelphia: home of the Liberty Bell, Rocky, the Phanatic, and the famous Philly cheese steak.

Pat’s King of Steaks claims to be the creator of the iconic sandwich, around 80 years ago, and among tourists, the Italian Market’s Pat’s and Geno’s have become the “go-to” places in Philadelphia. However, ask any true-blue Philadelphian who makes the best cheese steak, and more often than not they’ll direct you to the innovative newcomer, Tony Luke’s.

Tony’s original family eatery is at 30 East Oregon Avenue, and their franchise has grown to eight locations, from Atlantic City in New Jersey to Bahrain in the Middle East.

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