615740Wine Away

September 3
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

The worst part about drinking red wine? The stain potential. Enter the Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover! It is a household essential for clothing, carpet or cotton. Watch this solution work its magic as we put it to the test.

Chateau Spill is a household essential that is especially formulated to ensure that a red wine stain leaves no unwelcome hangover. It uses a 100% biodegradable surfactant, and is safe for colorfast washable fabrics. It also works wonders on other pesky household stains including berries, makeup, blood and more!

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

Finex CookwareFinex

September 10
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

We are excited to have our first demonstration of a new artisan cast iron company making wonderful products in the USA!

FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Company is a small team of Portland based perfectionists dedicated to making heirloom quality cast iron cookware in the USA. Their work is inspired by the best in vintage American cast iron skillets and designed for today’s cooks and kitchens.

Finex’s appreciation for and commitment to cast iron runs deep. They are cast iron specialists, and are focused on bringing functional additions to the great cast iron cookware tradition while incorporating design elements.

-Ultra-smooth computer machined cooking surface that allows for easy release, leaving more food on your plate and less in the skillet.
-Thicker cast iron casting, optimizing modern searing techniques that seal in flavors.
-An ergonomic “Speed Cool” polished stainless spring handle with a brass cap that stay cooler, allowing you to easily grip the pan while cooking.
-Patented octagonal “Multi-Pour” design that allows for 6 pouring directions.
-Handcrafted in the USA from start to finish These combined design advantages result in a revolutionary new design creating a modern Heirloom that is fully founded in the American traditions.

Finex believes in the inherent power and goodness of heirloom quality cookware and the cooking traditions and stories it can hold. All products are designed to endure years of regular use while preparing meals that connect us to our food and our family histories. They would love nothing more than a place in your kitchen as you create your own flavors, laughter and conversations – one cast iron meal at a time.

Quality crafted and “Good Forever.” Finex will gladly replace any FINEX cast iron product that ever fails due to honest use.

Finex Cast Iron Cookware


Neomie Cherry PieEasy as Pie

September 17
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

One of the most traditional fall desserts and an American classic is pie. There are so many variations, and the possibilities are endless once you master the basics. It can be served hot or cold, can be sweet or savory, a la mode or as the star next to a side salad or fresh dollop of whipped cream.

Pies are delicious to eat and impressive to serve – and can be very easy to make! Join Neomie (who baked that wonderful cherry almond pie above) as she shows you the ins and outs of working with pie dough, and all the tools and gadgets that will make your next pie project perfection. AND as easy as… pie!

Pie Tools


Cookie Pressing

September 24
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

A cookie press easily allows you to make quick work of your dough, and create beautifully shaped cookies for a tray without the hassle of rolling dough and using cookie cutters. Traditionally called spritz cookies, they are a German Christmas tradition, and are very popular in the Nordic countries as well. And they’re quickly winning the taste buds of many on this side of the Atlantic!

A simple, rich buttery recipe makes these delicate, crumbly cookies, somewhat reminiscent of shortbread in texture. (As a matter of fact, Google translates Spritzgebäck as Shortbread.) Spritz can be translated as To Squirt or Spatter, and you’ll see why when you’re pushing the dough out of the press.

Join us to learn the secrets to baking perfect Spritz cookies, using the OXO Cookie Press.

OXO Cookie Press

Nadia Making BiscottiBiscotti

October 1
Continuous Free Demo
11am – 3pm

Called Biscotti di Prato or Cantuccini, these scrumptious twice-baked cookies have their origins in the Tuscan city of Prato.

Biscotti are first baked in the shape of a loaf, then sliced, and the slices are turned on their side and briefly put back in the oven to brown to your desired taste for crispiness. This crispy texture not only makes them crunchy to the tooth, but also makes them easier to handle, and perfect for holding their shape longer when dunking in your coffee, hot cocoa, milk, chai, and more. A great alternative to your ice cream spoon, as you can munch on a piece with every scoop.

Come and join Nadia as she samples and provides expert tips and advice on making these Italian treats. Yum!

Biscotti Tools

Naturally Sweet Food in JarsMarisa McClellan: Book Signing
Naturally Sweet Food in Jars

October 8
11am – 3pm

Meet local author and canning guru Marisa McClellan, of the popular Food in Jars blog, who will be providing advice and answers to all your questions on preserving.

Marisa is introducing her newest book, Naturally Sweet Food in Jars, featuring 100+ recipes sweetened with honey, maple, agave, coconut sugar, dried fruits, and fruit juice concentrates. It’s the ideal book for people who want to reduce their dependence on refined sugar, but don’t want to give up their favorite jams, fruit butters, and sweet pickles.

Marisa has also published two other excellent canning books:

Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year Round, a general canning book with a get started guide and recipes arranged seasonally.

Preserving by the Pint focuses on small-batch canning recipes, perfect for those unique farmers’ market finds!

Come with your preserving questions and enjoy a chat with this talented author, whose young and notable career includes three nominations for the Saveur Magazine Best Food Blog Award, and was even the winner of a Best of Philly award from Philadelphia Magazine!

Marisa McClellan’s books on















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