Lodge Cast Iron

June 16

Dennis will be cooking up a storm in his favorite cast iron skillet – his Lodge 10.25 in. skillet that is proudly still Made in the USA. He will be discussing proper care and seasoning techniques as well as showing you why cast iron is an essential in any kitchen!

Lodge has been making cast iron for over 100 years. Nestled alongside the Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains is the town of South Pittsburg, TN. It was here that Joseph Lodge and his wife settled and, in 1896 opened his first foundry. Joseph Lodge created a legacy of quality that has thrived through two World Wars and the Great Depression and is still carried on by his family today. While many worthy competitors have fallen by the wayside, Lodge’s dedication to quality, technology, and employees have helped it not only survive but flourish.

Lodge Cast Iron

Jessica Merchant: The Pretty Dish
uthor Event

June 23
12p – 2pm

Come and meet Jessica Merchant and have your copy of The Pretty Dish signed! We will have copies available for purchase in the store. We had such a wonderful time the last time she came to see us, don’t miss out!

“I’m seriously passionately, inexplicably in love with food. Bacon makes me beam. Chocolate makes me shout from the rooftops with joy. Vegetables and I are the best of frenemies. My perfect world would include none of them. I grew up absolutely loathing veggies, but the world wide web has taught me how to enjoy green things such as kale and brussels sprouts. To the point where I actually want to consume them.

My mom is still in disbelief, yes.

And I have a terribly horrifying amount of cheese in my cheese drawer. Real life.”-Jessica Merchant

You can read more on her blog How Sweet Eats, and enjoy her bestselling first cookbook, Simply Delish.

The Pretty Dish

Architec 5-Minute Appetizer Maker Stacks5 Minute BBQ Appetizers

June 30

Impress your guests by serving up quick and easy appetizers or desserts! Take the guesswork out of your party prep and throw together finger sandwiches, or layered pound cake desserts in no time.

Looking for ideas for bite-size snacks to satisfy a crowd? The possibilities are endless with the Architec 5 Minute Stackable Appetizer Maker. Whatever you can dream up, it can be stacked and served in one or two-bite snacks!

Stop by this weekend as Barb demonstrates the 5 Minute Appetizer Maker, a nifty gadget that’s perfect for helping you feed a crowd in no time at all!

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