CorzettiArtisan Pasta with Nadia

February 18
11a – 3pm

Come and join us for a fun pasta demonstration! Nadia will teach you all the versatile and beautiful pastas you can make from one simple dough.

How about using a cavarola board to create decorative, homemade ravioli? A plate of corzetti pasta is a dish that impresses. Hand cuts and artisan shapes are a trending in restaurants worldwide. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn about the techniques and tools you can impress with at your next dinner party.

Artisan Pasta Tools



Le Creuset Dutch Ovens - ColorsSoup

February 25
11a – 3pm

Ever wonder what to do with all your leftover veggie scraps? Make a vegetable stock to freeze and use in future meals!

Brian will show you how easy it is to put everything together and make a homemade, delicious base stock using a Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven. Because it is made from leftovers, the stock is essentially free. In addition to a lower grocery bill, you control the flavors, salt level and can leave out any additives that are prevalent in pre-made stock.

Using an enameled cast iron pan by Le Creuset, the pan hold heat exceptionally well, making cooking stock effortless. And it cleans up like new.

Le Creuset Cookware



6 oz of coarsely ground Love Buzz, using the Escali Arti scale. Don’t forget to tare the bowl!

6 oz of coarsely ground Love Buzz, using the Escali Arti scale. Don’t forget to tare the bowl!

Test Your Measuring Skills

March 4
11a – 3pm

Can YOU accurately measure a cup of flour?

Time and time again we hear that the only accurate and precise way of measuring for cooking and baking is by weight. Alton Brown even made a video about why it’s so important, and what to look for when shopping for a good kitchen scale.

Come and test your cup-measuring skills this Saturday! Can you accurately scoop a cup of flour using a volumetric measuring cup? You can win 10% off* your purchase that day if you can match the accuracy of a scale!


*Some items excluded


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