May 25

Called Biscotti di Prato or Cantuccini, these scrumptious twice-baked cookies have their origins in the Tuscan city of Prato.

Biscotti are first baked in the shape of a loaf, then sliced, and the slices are turned on their side and briefly put back in the oven to brown to your desired taste for crispiness. This crispy texture not only makes them crunchy to the tooth, but also makes them easier to handle, and perfect for holding their shape longer when dunking in your coffee, hot cocoa, milk, chai, and more. A great alternative to your ice cream spoon, as you can munch on a piece with every scoop.

Join us as we sample biscotti and provide expert tips and advice on making these Italian treats, and show off our Fante’s biscotti pans from Italy. Yum!

Biscotti Essentials

Savory chicken crepes


June 1

Come and join us for a fun and delicious crepe demonstration.

CucinaPro’s cordless electric crepe maker has a unique inverted design which takes the guesswork out of making perfectly thin crepes. Get creative with your fillings and refresh your brunch classics!

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