Pros know the importance of knife maintenanceKnife Maintenance

February 23

Join us on Saturday when we will walk you through the basics of knife maintenance from storage and proper cutting surfaces to sharpening and honing.

Frustrated with manual at-home knife sharpeners? Having a hard time bringing a dull knife back to life? Come and see how easily the Brod & Taylor knife sharpener will put a new edge on your knife! We will be here answering questions about knife maintenance and demonstrating the Brod & Taylor sharpeners, our favorite manual knife sharpeners.

Brod and Taylor Knife Sharpeners


March 2

Join Chris as he demonstrates the ingenius IngenuiTEA tea steeper by Adagio Teas. Perfect for tea for one, the Ingenui-tea allows you to brew a single serving without needing to remove an infuser or tea bag from your cup to store for use again later. To re-use the leaves, simply add more water to the IngenuiTEA and steep as you would a traditional tea pot.

House On The Hill Simpler Times Springerle MoldSpectacular Springerle for Spring

March 9

Springerle cookies are quickly becoming a popular choice for beautiful, edible gifts, due to their intricate detail and unique designs. These lovely cookies have a history dating back as far as the 14th century in Germany, and are traditionally prepared for Christmas and other special occasions. Using springerle rolling pins or boards, ornate designs are embossed into the cookie dough before baking.

This Saturday, we will show you tips and tricks for creating perfectly beautiful springerles using these special molds, themed for Spring. We will also explain how to properly bake your cookies using techniques that will help to maintain the intricate nature of the design.

Stop by and bring all your Springerle questions!


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